How to Download?

How to download movies on the FunCinema.GA site?
Please follow the steps according to the instructions shown below

Follow these steps to download the file:

Click one of the download buttons below the content!

Then the link will open in the new page, wait for generate link for 5 seconds. Then click the “Go To Link” button

How to Download from Google Drive (GDrive)
1. Login to your Google Account
2. Go to
3. Click the Login menu, located on the top right of the page
4. Grant access (click OK or Allow) to Google
5. Click “SecureDLL” link that you want to download from FunCinema.GA
6. After entering the Download page, scroll down and search the Download File button
7. Wait a while until you are redirected to the Google Download page, and click Download Anyway
8. Done.

Check your GD account first before downloading, because standard GD storage is 15GB.
This system download autocopy file to your GD account automatically
So don’t ask why can’t download the file, once again please check your GD account first.
May have exceeded the storage limit.

So .. enjoy, hope your days are fun!