The Devil’s Disciple (1959) BluRay 720p 900MB

aka El discípulo del diablo / Der Teufelsschüler / Djævlens discipel / Paholaisen oppipoika / Au fil de l’épée / Djavolov ucenik / Djävulens lärljunge / Seytanin Talebesi / Uczen diabla
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Release Date: 20 August 1959 (USA)
Director: Guy Hamilton, Alexander Mackendrick | Genre: Comedy, History, Romance
Cast: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Janette Scott, Basil Sydney
Resolution: 1280×688 | File Size: 901.38 MB | Runtime: 1h 23mn
Format: MKV | Encoder: – | Source: 720p BRRip x264


In a small New England town during the American War of Independence, Dick Dudgeon, a revolutionary American Puritan, is mistaken for local minister Rev. Anthony Anderson and arrested by the British. Dick discovers himself incapable of accusing another human to suffer and continues to masquerade as the reverend. The minister’s wife, Judith, is moved by Dick’s actions and mistakenly interprets them as an expression of love for her. In spite of his protestations she finds herself romantically attracted to him. Brought before British commander General Burgoyne, Dudgeon displays his willingness to die for his principles. At the last minute Dick is saved from ministerial pursuits to become a revolutionary leader.




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