True Fiction (2018) 720p HDRip 700MB

aka 살인소설 / Sal-in-so-seol / True Fiction
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Release Date: 25 April 2018 (South Korea)
Director: Kim Jin-mook | Genre: Thriller
Cast: Ji Hyun-woo, Oh Man-seok, Lee Eun-woo, Kim Hak-cheol, Jo Eun-ji
Resolution: 1280×536 | File Size: 699.92 MiB | Runtime: 1h 42mn
Format: MKV | Encoder: Ganool | Source: 1080p FHDRip H264 AAC-NonDRM


Thanks to his 3rd term congressman father-in-law, Kyung-suk is a strong candidate to become the next mayor. In order to hide his father-in-law’s slush fund, he heads toward a cottage that is under his wife’s name. He arrives there with his mistress Ji-young only to be greeted by a young man named Soon-tae who claims to be the groundskeeper of the cottage. Kyung-suk is nervous that his affair might be exposed and all he wants to do is hide the money and get out but he is framed for drunk driving and robbery, and gets into a hit-and-run accident. Out of desperation, he tries to flee but Soon-tae approaches him and mentions his congressman father-in-law and his wife, as if it was part of his plan, and drags Kyung-suk into a corner…




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